Where Patients Love Their Shots!


Jackson Clinic, a historical tavern outside of Mauston (near Bass Hollow State Park), has been in business since 1954. It’s a place where everyone gets along and customers come in as neighbors and leave as friends.

The backroom of Jackson Clinic which now houses the dance floor, jukebox, pool table & dartboards, was originally a one room school house. The building was also used to sell ammunition – a shell at a time. One story told of a customer of the store who purchased a shell and accidentally shot through the wall, hitting the clock inside.

Deb Clark has owned the business since 2003. Previous to that, her parents owned it for 30 years. Over the years, Deb has enhanced the rustic environment with a new pine bar top, a 4-season smoke shack and her own fun events including Sunday trap shoots, an annual pig roast, monthly entertainment and numerous other original parties throughout the year.

When visiting Jackson Clinic, you’ll find fun bartenders and a place where “patients love their shots!”

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It's Trashed Tuesday and here's your humor for today.

A State Trooper clocks a car going 22 mph in a 65.

He pulls them over and finds the driver and three friends, all sweet, blue-haired old ladies.

“What seems to be the problem officer?” asks the driver of the car, “I know I wasn’t speeding. I was going exactly the speed limit.” Her passengers say nothing.

“I clocked you at more than 40 miles below the limit, and you should know that can be just as dangerous as speeding." Her passengers continue to sit there quietly.

"Slower? Impossible!" she replied. “I was doing 22 exactly, like the sign said. My speedometer is very reliable.”

The officer tries not to laugh. “Ma’am, we’re on Route 22, and the speed limit here is 65. I’ll let you off with a warning this time.” Then he turns to the passengers. “Are the rest of you doing alright? You all look pale, and you haven’t spoken since I came over.”

The woman in the front seat finally replies, “We just got off of Route 128.” ... See MoreSee Less

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